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AALIoT is the (interim-) name for a Smart Living Project and is an acronym resulting from combining the first letters of

Ambient Assited Living (AAL)also known as “Domotics”, “Smart Living” or “Home Automation”


Internet of Things (IoT)

As the name suggests, the idea behind the project is an Home Automation approach that Structure of Projectnatively uses Internet Protocol (IP) in stead of any specialized protocol and cabling to connect the various devices such as lights, shaders, heating, surveillance, music and other IP devices nowadays called “Internet of Things”. Using IP will release true inter-operability between devices of various vendors and enables users to utilize technology already in place like the ISP’s internet router, PC and Mobile Devices to control and automate their home.

With AALIoT, Domotics shall become “commodity” by developing Sensors & Actuators that

  • are offered at consumer prices around 15 EUR (or less)
  • sold everywhere (including discounters, computer stores and electronic shops)
  • are easy to install (just plug in, drag & drop, no specialists needed)
  • purely talk IP, no Gateways or “black boxes” involved
  • need no special cabling: Powerline, WiFi and Nearfield technology transport IP
  • operate standalone and cooperative

The project’s fundamentals are:

  • purely Internet Protocol as an open, widespread technology
  • open and free-to-use protocol sitting on IP
  • all results free of charge for private use
  • open for commercial use and free of charge as long as retail price per device lower than 15 EUR
  • support of all major transport PHYs
  • reference implementations for all major programming languages


To retrieve more information, please either mail to or access this link to get a 3-page description of the vision of the AALIoT project.


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